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Fan Fiction Blog

Knowing more about Fanfiction



There are several ways to define fanfiction or fanfic. Generally, however, fanfic refers to works that embellish, alter or rewrite the works of other authors. In most cases, these are published authors. The embellished, altered or rewritten work can have a new storyline or add new characters. It can have an alternate beginning or ending. It can also substitute new sets of ideals, morals and politics.


In the internet world, this genre has become quite a popular sensation in the last decade. It has been compared to gamer subcultures. In the World Wide Web, we can see posts and websites dedicated to fanfic works. There are some that focus on specific book, film or game series. And they can number in millions!


Fanfic is not exclusive to English speakers. One can find Harry Potter Fan Fiction in Russian, Hindi, and Japanese. Some even go as far as using the made-up language in Harry Potter's world: Parseltongue.


This genre is not also unique to the world of this teenage wizard school. There is also a multigenerational fanfic for Star Wars. The same goes Lord of the Rings, Dungeons & Dragons (the game), and even Frozen. For more facts and information about fan fiction, you can go to


On the whole, these fanfic worls is evenly split between genders. Yes, there are as many boys engaging in this form of writing as girls. It is unlike the gaming subculture that seems to be quite dominated by boys. Nevertheless, the most popular topics are predominantly split between the sci-fi fantasy world that boys love and the erotic paranormal fantasy that most girls favor.


And you can find rather obscure and unlikely stories for fanfic. As have been mentioned, Disney films like Frozen have their share of fanfics. The same goes for works like manga cartoons from Japan, comic books, gaming world heroes, Bollywood stars, and even classics like "Pride and Prejudice".


Those of us who have this particular love for certain movies, TV shows, games or books would end up collecting toy models, comic books, and trading cards. Many of us would be intrigued with the spin-off novels and would end up also reading them. Some might think that only children and teenagers do this. However, there are certainly a lot of adults who are keen on bringing this fantasy world into their present lives. The millions of searches made online for fanfic is simply a testament that you are not the only one who have thought about doing so. Click here to go to the fanfiction website